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Camp’n Aire RV Resort – Lake Wales, Florida

We stayed at Camp’n Aire years ago and vowed not to return, not because of the residents but because the campground was old and tired. That’s where the old ends and the new begins…

A few years ago, new owners bought the campground which is now an RV Resort, and I mean that in a great way. Some of our friends who had been staying there contacted us and said, you have got to come back for a visit, if you can get a spot for the season. We took their advise and went down for a visit…

The place is incredible, new electric, new grass, newly remodeled clubhouse, the old RV’s that are sold to new owners have to be totally remodeled to the parks specifications or be removed from the park… they look like brand new park models.

The owner’s are great, they live there and truly do everything to make you want to stay and feel at home. The park was never close to being full before, even during the winter season, now it’s hard to get in. We didn’t, and had to just visit our friends, who had been booked for the season.

I hope we can get back in, we’re on a waiting list and it is worth the wait!

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