New I-40 Rest Areas in North Carolina Get a New Look

I-40 westbound and eastbound rest areas near Benson, North Carolina have recently re-opened after a nine-month remodeling project.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation spent $1.5 million for renovations and upgrades designed and decorated to pay homage to the state’s signature industry.

NCDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Garifo says “When people get off of I-40 on either eastbound or westbound, they’re going to be pulling up to this nice new rest area that they will see is designed to look like a barn,” Garifo says.  “So when you enter through the doors, you’ll see crafts and pottery that really reflects the agricultural industry of North Carolina.”

The renovated rest areas have also been equipped with energy-saving amenities as part of their modernization.  The improvements include LED lighting and water heated by solar energy.  The renovations are similar to those planned for other rest areas throughout North Carolina.

“We have another couple of rest areas further out in the Western part of the state where we have done stuff like this,” Says Garifo. “Not only have we re-designed the them to really reflect the local culture and economic development of that area but also we have included these energy-saving, environmentally-friendly features at these locations.