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Gold Beach RV Park – Gold Beach, OR

In my opinion, Gold Beach RV Park is tiny, cramped, and trashy.

There was trash/debris (including what looks like someone’s oven) piled up outside of trash receptacle. Trash bags left on ground outside of a trailer with its own porch/deck; what looks like old/abandoned vehicles just sitting unattended. Some spaces have “white picket” fences around them. There’s laundry scattered about or flapping in the wind, which gives a bad impression. I chose to not stay any longer. Also, it is not family (kid) friendly.

Apparently, they’ll take those in old rigs (rusted, spray-can painted; all okay!), so if no other park will have your vehicle/trailer, this one probably will. Some of the folks seem very clique-y, so unless you become part of their clique, expect to be treated with disdain.

If this situation is your cup of tea, then great; otherwise, move on, as there’s plenty else out there.

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