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Red Coconut RV Park – Fort Myers Beach, Florida

We were looking forward to our vacation on the beach December 20th 2013. We called the Red Coconut and were told they have a spot on the fourth row from the beach on a quiet back road, so the traffic noise shouldn’t bother us.

We pulled in the evening of the 20th after dark. The desk crew was friendly enough, however the person that was going to lead us in to our spot seemed abrupt. We paid for the week, $517.00 and prepared to be lead in to our spot. The person driving the scooter took of across the street, (Estero Blvd, the main road through town) and disappeared. When we pulled into that lot he was a considerable distance away in the lot. He motioned for us to turn in toward him and led us right into sideswiping a huge tree at the entrance. When we caught up to him his comment was, Looks like you hit a tree, doesn’t it? He directed us to back into a site which we did. Then noticed that we were too close to another tree to deploy our sideout. After much arguing we were able to move it over to accommodate the sideout. However that put the motor home too far over on the concrete slab so there was no place for our towed car. He advised we would have to find somewhere else in town to park it.

We then tried to settle in to get some sleep. Much to our horror, that quiet side street was the main road through town. The noise level was so high, (especially when the bars close) with loud motorcycles etc, we didn’t sleep at all.

When we went to the office the next morning to complain, they said we would need to speak to Chris or Pam at the main office and gave us our bill with the phone number. They said someone should be in the office on Monday. We found another place to stay, (Fort Meyers RV Resort, great place) and tried calling on Monday. We were told we would have to speak to Laurie who would not be back in the office till Friday.

We have been trying to contact Laurie for the past two weeks. When we finally did get a response, Chris got on the phone and said it was their policy not to give refunds for early departures. I will be getting damage estimates for our RV now and weigh our options, just because they refuse to cooperate at all. I would suggest to avoid this place at all costs.

Also, don’t pay the deposit for the cable modem, it doesn’t work. Steve Lines

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