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Cutty’s Sunset Camping Resort – Louisville, OH

The facilities at Cutty’s Sunset Camping Resort were OK but the customer service was terrible!

The front staff… I went in three different times with 3 different people and, in my opinion they were all rude. They say they have internet for purchase so I did. When I could not get reception at my site, they told me I needed to purchase my own signal booster to make it work. They also said the same for the TV reception… I got 3 channels and they were all religious. When I asked for a refund I only got a partial refund too.

When I brought this to front desk attention – they told me I was in a pristine site and no one else had problems… until a lady came in that camped beside me and had all the same problems. Also there was 2″ of water in out site after a rain. In my opinion, this is a terrible place to camp.

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