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Pony Express RV Resort – North Salt Lake, UT

The Pony Express in North Salt Lake City “looks* nice, bit that’s about it. It has a strange odor. I saw some reviews about the pool being closed for the health department, but when I called and asked they said the pool was open. This was a deciding factor in our stay since we just spend 6 hrs cleaning up our flooded RV from a busted pipe.

We booked two days. The pool is closed. The crew member said we were welcome to cancel with no problem, but this morning we got a different story. When the girl at the desk decided she wanted to get an attitude and tell me O can pay until Monday if I need to speak to a manager that badly, I decided it was review time.

Not only all of this, but its extreme loud from highway traffic. The water pressure in the showers is a drizzle. After all of this, even though we signed nothing and we were not told we couldn’t get a refund, they refuse to help us out.

There is a Walmart down the street that allows over nights, I would go there instead.

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