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Cold Springs Camp Resort – Weare, NH

We camped at Cold Springs Camp “Resort” this past summer.

I don’t usually write reviews, but this time I had to say something. In a nutshell… this campground is expensive, noisy and way to crowded. There were kids running around unsupervised, constantly cutting thru our campsite, noisy partying neighbors during the night (well past quiet time), and golf carts zipping around everywhere.

Several of the staff members were rude and condesending, and others were more interested in gabbing with their friends than to talk to their customers. Summer help, and some are not.

There are several other campgrounds in the immediate area that offer plenty of amenities, reasonable prices and a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. Next time we’ll camp there.

This was one our worst camping trip ever. In my opinion you should stay away from Cold Springs unless you like to party, don’t mind high rates and aren’t looking for peace and quiet.

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