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Saltwater Farm Campground – Cushing, ME

My wife and I have been camping for 20 years, starting with tent to pop-up to hybrid and finally graduating to large travel trailer, and most of the joys we have experienced have been in the friendly people we have encountered. However, the Saltwater Farms Campground was, without a doubt, the most unwelcoming and unfriendly campground that we have ever visited. The staff went far beyond being unfriendly — they were downright rude. In addition, the seasonal campers there acted as though we were intruders. We spent more money to stay at this campground than we have ever spent anywhere, yet we had the most unpleasant experience we’ve ever had at any campground anywhere.

This all goes beyond the fact that the “amenities” (and I do use this term loosely) were minimal to non-existent. For example, the campground advertises that they have WIFI, however, you’ll need some luck on your side to get it to work since it didn’t work about 90% of the time. Also, we were told that we would probably be able to get 2 over-the-air TV stations, however, again, no such luck. So, notwithstanding having no internet and no television (yet spending $378 to stay here for a week), this still would have been acceptable in a campground that made us feel even a little bit welcome, however, this campground did not.

This is the first campground review we have given, however, we felt compelled to give it this time as this campground was such a major disappointment to say the least, and we would not recommend it to anyone who enjoys a friendly atmosphere in a campground.

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